"Who are businesses really responsible to? Their shareholders? Their customers? Their employees? None of the above, I have finally come to believe. Fundamentally, businesses are responsible to their resource base. Without a healthy planet there are no shareholders, no customers, no employees."

– Yvon Chouinard, CEO Patagonia Inc., On Corporate Responsibility for Planet Earth, 2004

It has never been more important for companies to achieve real innovation.

Real innovation does not happen in a vacuum. From a project inner core to the outside world, various communities discuss it, develop it, and evaluate it. How to make this co-design process happen in a consistent way, benefiting all stakeholders in the end? Answering this question is key to success.

Let's create enduring value that makes everybody better off: your customers, your shareholders, your employees, the societies and ecosystems we are living in.

Let's deliver now meaningful stuff that matters the most.

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